testpassportの920-804認定試験問題集はpdfとソフト版を提供 [資格]

コンピュータの専門卒業人にとって、情報技術の途切れない更新のため、Nortel NCSE認証をとって、あなたがすでに最新の技術をマスターすることを証明します。認証はあなたにとって重要な用途を発揮しています。
testpassportの920-804(Nortel technology standards and protocols for converged networks)認定試験の問題と答えを暗記しただけで、Nortel NCSE認定資格の取得はそんな簡単ものです。(御客様のために、弊社は見積書及び領収書(PDF版)を提供できます。)
1. A customer wants to implement VoIP network in their LAN/WAN environment. Following the network
assessment, you have to make the appropriate recommendations to address network issues that can
cause problems for real-time VoIP traffic. Based on the following, what should be your first
A. Use media shared hubs for LAN connection.
B. Change the CODEC selection for LAN devices only.
C. Put call servers, signaling servers and media gateways on one VLAN.
D. Configure all interfaces to eliminate duplex mismatch and set to auto negotiate.
Answer: D
2. You are using Net IQ Chariot on a customer's LAN to complete QoS testing with pre-defined data flow
emulation templates. You want to check that the current DiffServ settings will achieve the desired results.
Which parameters will provide you with the required information? (Choose two.)
A. transaction rate
B. network throughput
C. precedence settings
D. resource reservation
Answer: AB
3. After assessing a customer's network in preparation for a multi-site LAN/WAN VoIP deployment, you
have determined the following: ?Average 5% dropped packets in end to end tests ?Intermittent voice
muting ?Unacceptable delay The customer wishes to upgrade their network and correct these
deficiencies. Suggest one solution that will give the most noticeable improvement and prepare the
network for future growth with the least complexity.
A. Implement an all optical network.
B. Reduce frame size for all packets.
C. Increase LAN/WAN bandwidth by 30%.
D. Implement QoS technique like DiffServ.
Answer: C
4. Given the following network assessment information: ?At all times of the day there is sufficient
bandwidth between all test points sitting on the LAN drops as well as the remote offices across the WAN
circuits where Internet Telephones will be placed. ?All the call servers, media gateways and signaling
servers are on the same VLAN along with the data network traffic. ?All of the servers are duplicated on
the network to ensure five nines (99.999%) of reliability and call handling. ?There is only one
physical/logical path to each LAN drop and remote office. ?The architecture of the network is in a physical
star topology with all VoIP processing servers at the center of the star, including the duplicate
servers. ?Each of the remote sites were built from the ground up for VoIP and data traffic with NO regard
for any call processing locally. All calls must go back to the campus network. Which three
recommendations should you make to the customer concerning their network to enable it to support VoIP
traffic? (Choose three.)
A. Add data path redundancy to give the network survivability.
B. Ensure that a backup generator sustains the power of all the network equipment.
C. Recommend a re-evaluation to obtain network delay and jitter information to ensure that these
properties are within the appropriate bounds.
D. Segment the call server, media gateway, and signaling server to appropriate VLANs to ensure
signaling traffic is NOT impacted by standard IP data.
Answer: ACD
5. Which statement about the requirements of VoIP network assessments is true?
A. Physical diagrams define the network operating systems that will be tested.
B. Calling patterns define the current peak-period usages of the data networks that will be tested.
C. Physical diagrams define the network-interface speeds, modes, and protocols that will be tested.
D. Calling patterns help determine the potential dates for shutting down the network to perform the
Answer: C
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