Testpassportの000-104過去の問題 [資格]

testpassportの000-104(Aix 6.1 Administrator)問題集はPDF版とソフト版両方を提供します、その中にPDF版は印刷可能です、模擬試験ソフトはIT業最前線の真実試験環境を構成する。(御客様のために、弊社は見積書及び領収書(PDF版)を提供できます。)
TestpassportのIBM web 問題集はいろんな試験フォームを含んでいます。そんなフォームは理解やすいです。testpassportの000-104認定試験問題集は109問があります。
1. Which command restores files from a volume group backup on a specified media?
A.mksysb -r
B.savevg -r
C.restorevg -r
Answer: A
1. Which of the following can an operator use to shutdown a system into single-user mode?
A.shutdown -d
B.shutdown -s
C.shutdown -m
D.shutdown -Fr -s 1
Answer: C
2. A non-root user can run rsh commands from serverA to serverB, but attempts to run rsh commands by
the root user return with a permission error message. What action will resolve the problem?
A.Add root user to the /etc/hosts.equiv on serverB.
B.Create $HOME/.rhosts file for the root user on serverB.
C.Restart the rshd daemon with root enabled option on serverB.
D.Add entry to allow root user from serverA to the /etc/hosts.allow on serverB.
Answer: D
3. A recently installed package needs to be rolled back to a previous version. Which of the following
commands will perform the task?
Answer: A
4. How can a JFS2 filesystem be added to a volume group that has insufficient space to host a log LV?
A.Create the filesystem with an inline log.
B.Create the filesystem referring to the jfs2log in rootvg.
C.Create the filesystem and format the logical volume with 'logform'.
D.Create the filesystem's underlying logical volume with an inline log.
Answer: C
5. Which of the following allows multiple applications to share a single operating system resource?
A.Logical Partition
B.Workload Partition
C.Dynamic Logical Partition
D.Shared Processor Logical Partition
Answer: B
6. When ordering a new IBM Power Systems server, a customer is given the option of two types of
Hardware Management Console: 7042-CR4 and 7042-C06.
Which main difference between the options would influence the customer's decision?
A.The 7042-CR4 is a rack mounted model, compared to the 7042-C06, which is a desktop.
B.The 7042-CR4 is limited to 16 managed systems, compared to a limit of 32 for the 7042-C06.
C.The 7042-C06 has faster CPUs and twice the RAM compared to the 7042-CR4, which is suited to large
enterprise deployments.
D.The 7042-C06 can manage POWER5-based hardware, in addition to POWER6, while the 7042-CR4
can only manage POWER6-based hardware.
Answer: C
7. Which port must be open on the HMC to allow remote web access?
Answer: C
8. Which are the two main uses of a VIO server?
A.Virtualize network and memory to LPARs.
B.Virtualize network and storage to LPARs.
C.Virtualize memory and processors to LPARs.
D.Virtualize storage and processors to LPARs.
Answer: B
9. Which POWER6 virtualization technology is the minimum to enable multiple shared processor pool
A.PowerHA Standard Edition
B.PowerVM Standard Edition
C.Power6 Management Edition
D.Power6 Virtualization Edition
Answer: B
10. What is the minimum amount of memory required for a new LPAR to be built via NIM on AIX6.1?
A.128 MB
B.256 MB
C.512 MB
D.1024 MB
Answer: B
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